Pink Room


Pink Room

The Walk for Life group is currently working to create a ‘Pink Room/Sala Rosa’ - a meeting place / wellness area – where people going through breast cancer can meet others in a similar situation, relax, find information and solace when needed. A space to plan activities for families, informative forums and workshops, as information is so important in understanding the disease and to make us stronger to overcome it.

A place to provide special support and training to women whose lymphatic system has been affected or may be going through difficult domestic situations and need help and where volunteers can be trained and organised to help those in need.

A place where professionals can come to give classes (yoga, dance, theatre, art etc) to those affected by breast cancer.

This is a place for people affected by breast cancer, created by others who have been affected and volunteers.

It is essential that anyone affected by breast cancer should never feel alone and remain active as much as possible and there is no doubt that fellow sufferers can help one another greatly through communication. More projects will be born from the PINK ROOM in the future.

 The PINK ROOM / SALA ROSA is open to all those affected by breast cancer and their families and friends - there will be no language barriers in this international, feel good space. Cancer does not distinguish between race or religion.

This is a room created for and by people on a voluntary basis with the help of institutes and businesses. Without all of you, this would be an impossibility but we believe that together we can make this wonderful PINK project a reality.

Many thanks to everybody in anticipation of your co-operation.


Open every Wednesday: 15:30-19:00 H